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Frequently Asked Questions

Will participating in the program affect my Centrelink payments?

Participating in the program will not affect your Centrelink payment. If you are not able to participate you will need to speak to your Job Active.

How long does the program go for and what are the hours each day?

The program runs for eight (8) weeks from 8.30am to 2.00pm each day.

What happens when I dont complete the program, can I participate again?

This depends on why you did not complete the program and will need to be discussed with your Job Active.

Does my Job Active pay for me to participate?

Yes, your Job Active will need to give approval for you to participate

Whats included in the program, do I get assistance?

Your Job Active can provide support for you to attend e.g. smart rider card

How do I get into the program?

There is criteria that needs to be met to ensure you qualify for the program but if you are a jobseeker on Centrelink and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander then we can assess you upon an interview. Please go to the Contact Us tab and send an email with your details and current contacts.