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Program Objectives

The goals of the program are to address key barriers to employment and the barriers that are experienced by Aboriginal people that prohibit them from transitioning from a simple entry level job to a career in their desired industry or field.

The program is delivered under an adult learning model that assist the understanding and application of soft skills to the workplace. The delivery is undertaken by a facilitator who works with the group to ensure understanding, culturally appropriate language examples/instruction is given. This includes team building oral based and physical activities.

Participants are also encouraged to share their life learnings both successes and failures in the workplace and mainstream community in a supportive manner to develop effective responses.

1.Screening and Assessment (SAC)

Screening and Assessment (SAC) is not designed to exclude individuals out of the process but to commence the critical process of identifying the barriers that may not be readily ‘visible’ to the candidate. This is done through Job Actives and ourselves during the information sessions to select candidates for the Program.

The Screening and Assessment Process allows us to develop baseline data and starting points for the Risk Assessment and Risk Rating for potential Aboriginal Employment Candidate’s once selected for participation into the Pathways to Employment Program (PEP).

This process is continued throughout the 8 weeks of the PEP to track the Candidates progress with health, wellness and physicality and to ensure that when finished and placed into work they will be physically and mentally prepared for their work and know how to continue to progress and maintain these improvements.

2. Pathways to Employment Program (PEP)

The Pathways to Employment Plan (PEP) is delivered under an Adult Learning model of short sequential modules that assist the understanding and application of these soft skills to the workplace. The delivery is by Matera Foundation facilitators work with the group to ensure understanding, culturally appropriate language examples/instruction is given. This is achieved by Team Building oral based and physical activities, individuals are supported to share their life learning’s both successes and failures in the workplace and mainstream community in a supportive manner to develop effective responses.

The delivery schedule is based around short concise knowledge sets of expected and required behaviours and communication methods. The program is designed to ensure over a 8-week period that candidates are given underpinning of both personal and professional development to ensure that transition to work from unemployment is achieved with minimum complications.

The Pathways to Employment Program's (PEP) standard delivery structure and models used within allows us to deal with the barriers in a non-judgemental or threating way so as to enable participation and self realisation for the candidate. The ideology is based on provided as much of a simulated work environment as possible with out the ‘industry output’, that is ensure the behaviours expected at work are the basis of the conduct during training. The examples are but not limited to;

  • Punctuality to start and finish times,
  • Uniforms and dress standards (inclusive of Personal Hygiene and grooming)
  • Safe behavior and conduct inclusive of designated smoking areas and correct training methods for Healthy Living Program.
  • Pre-start morning briefings and BAC/Drug testing

The PEP is designed across the three pillars of Yourself, Your family/Community and Your Employer. These the Pillars are critical in the re-thinking of the candidate(s) past, present and future behaviour both good and bad as it relates to their employment.

To achieve these significant life changes for the candidate the PEP designed with key deliverables in mind, these are however not limited to:

  • Time Management
  • Acceptable Workplace Behavior, Presentation and Communication
  • Sub-conscious biases
  • Team Work
  • Sound personal health goals
  • Why is nutrition important to my employment
  • Anger Management
  • Personal and Workplaces Goals
  • Personal Confidence and Self-worth

Also included in the PEP are two (2) compulsory units of a Certificate III in Business dealing with diversity in the workplace and work place health and safety legislation. Candidates are required to complete these online within class hours on computers provided and under the supervision and with the assistance of our facilitators and mentors. This ensure they have the assistance they require for ease of completion and complete understanding of the units. Candidates once they have completes the program may in fact continue on to complete the entire Certificate III in Business which can be funded through their Job Actives.

3. Mentor Support Plan (MSP)

The Mentor Support Plan (MSP) seeks to continue dealing with the barriers to employment, pastoral care, personal development and workplace/industry integration required to keep our candidates in meaningful employment and create a quality of file for them and their families that they may have not had the opportunity to do or be able to handle in the past.